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Porthor's Quest

melding myths

The 2 Myths

Stage # Zola Fel Myth Lightbringer
1 God Time: Participated in the waters’ surge over the lands at the dawn of time Needed a route to get to the West, where he would go to the underworld
2 Spike of Law was shattered, the Homeward Ocean called for all the waters of the world to leap in and block the entry of chaos. Zola Fel accepted the call and leaped. Subdued a blue dragon, which took him to the ocean
3 Met giants & agree to take infants’ cradles to the sea They were lost on the great water and were drawn towards the great maelstrom
4 Meet Diros the Boatmen, and agreed to let humans travel the river They found an island where they sheltered
5 Dawn: Took in a penitent Broo, carried him to the Homeward Ocean and they dove in Orlanth confessed past transgressions to Ernalda, demonstrated his virtue, and pledged his love for all eternity
6 __ The travellers went forward and risked death
7 __ Luck and cleverness got them out of the maelstrom and heading west to the sunset

The Heroquest

Stage # GM’s Plan Characters’ Responses
0 – Home: The Leaping Place in Godtime Zola Fel floods land but content w. home pool Priestess Amina didn’t quite manage the transition so her cult takes a large magic hit. Oghma attempts to herd primal catfish but fails
1 – Answer the Call Spike of Law was shattered,Zola Fel unwilling to go. Porthor grabbed ZF as a catfish and leaps over the edge with him
2 – Pact with the Giants At the future site of Robcradle, ZF agrees to carry giants’ cradles to the ocean It went pretty well except for the giants dropping a cradle on the back of ZF as a crocodile. The sacred barge is going to be affected
3 – meet Divos the Boatman The lightbringers, in a boat helmed by Orlanth/Divos meet ZF at what will become Corflu Porthor takes the initiative in getting Divos to take on his role as leader of the lightbringers, but Oghma forces him to reveal that he undertook the murder of Ernalda’s father — the sun king — at the behest of his own violent, abusive father Umath.
4 – Surprise Station The Red Moon appears in the sky, journey will be easier if they learn to accept her sway over the currents and work with her tides. They totally missed this opportunity. Dealing with Lunars would have been easier if they had.
5 – Open the Ocean>> Mythic Prize Orlanth must best/tame/pact with ZF in his guise as a Blue Dragon to learn how to cross the ocean. Porthor brokered the deal. Should any mundane ships take the journey west, they will be aided
6 – Island on the Edge of Oblivion A quick replay of the Orlanth & Ernalda scene. In this quest, the leader passes through the mountain after choosing one of 4 paths, and prove his worth to Ernalda at an altar identical to the Pairing Stones. Porthor selected a path marked with the rune of discord. Acting in the role of Orlanth, he was to take the hand of Ernalda, who bore a strange resemblance to Brygga Scissortongue. With the aid of Ty/Humakt’s enchanted sword, he defeated the representative of Authority, in this case a version of Javan Indagos bearing the ancient insignia of the Empire of the Wyrms’ Friends. On they went
7 – Surprise Station Before heading back into the ocean and towards the West, the questers are ambushed by the clan’s traditional foes, scorpionmen GM edited it out to meet time constraints

Reward: New Relationship & Knowledge
Zola Fel and Orlanth have a heretofore unknown mythical relationship. This means that their cults will have a real world relationship where none existed before. The knowledge: there is no way to simply “free” Orlanth and have him aid the besieged homeland. Here and now, through sacrifice at the Pairing Stones, the Orlanth worshippers can perpetuate the flooding of the Zola Fel and the bounty of the Valley of Cradles. But it is by the clan’s wyter — now operating with the power of a clan-sized guardian daimon — that such sacrifices are effected. What new gifts does this being offer? What is this being and how is it to be addressed? What role will it play in the oncoming Hero Wars? These questions remain to be answered.

Oh also: A new character, Grell, walked into the scene. He is a soldier attached to the royal army of Sartar, bringing bad tiding from Dragon Pass. The siege at Whitewall remains unbroken. Loyal to the dynasty, Brygga Scissortongue seeks advice and prophecy to pass on to the resistance at home. Grell outlines effective anti-cavalry techniques. Sif casts the runes and fortells that the seige will be broken at some point but at immense cost. Brygga makes Sif responsible for introducing Grell to his distant relatives in the Golden Arrows and to pass on her news: gather strength and prepare for action to aid the homeland. All those descended from the Orlanthi exiles are to gather under the banner of Starbrow, and to put proud independence (like the Golden Arrows) and fanatic violence (Tintalker) aside and follow the Garhound clan’s leadership in the campaign to renew the dynasty.

On the way back to Pavis, the two new friends run into harassment at the Western gate. A Lunar guard shakes them down, complaining how double duty — guarding the gates AND staying on high alert for challenges to the occupation — is grinding them down. Grell, a grizzled veteran, commiserates and wins them an invitation to a wild wrestling match at the Storm Bull temple.

Oh yeah, and while the quest is going on, a drizzle of catfish starts falling on the city.

Meanwhile, the cagey Stayn is negotiating with Sir Javan Indagos and Hetaera. They want his aid in setting up an ambush at Robcrade. The target? A giant’s crade coming, the first in centuries. The plot undergoes a strange delay when Sir Javan experiences a series of setbacks, undoubtedly the result of the questers’ actions. Stayn’s attempt to win Golden Arrow support for his ambush fails.

His plot to take over the clan is being stymied by the words of Grell and Sif.

Much fun.